75+ Attractive Facial Hair Styles – New Modern Trends

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# 11 Extremely Long

Is long not adequate for you? Well, extreme long beard will be something that will grab your attention and want it all to yourself. The front beard is left to run long and low while the side cheeks are trimmed just a little. The lips are hidden in the resulting heap. For the guy who wants a unique look then here is your chance to get it. If you are a fan of capes the close knot will cover the top head and leave all the attention on your beard.

# 12 Bold and Bearded

Head is shaved to balloon smoothness hence the term bold. Barber takes every single hair strand on the head but does not touch anything on the facial hair. Sideburns, mustache and the under chin of the beard are left wild. They are only touched to give them a shining appearance that will be the real deal in your look.

# 13 Samurai Style

Borrowed from the Japanese Samurai, this style is an amazing choice for a trend-conscious guy. Sideburns are shaved up to the end of the cheeks while the under-chin section is slightly trimmed to a smooth touch and look. On the head, the sides are drawn downwards for them to appear as an undercut to the top patch. Top is dragged backwards to meet the fall part to form Samurai-looking knot. Face is left radiant with every feature exposed for maximum attention.

# 14 Red Bandholz

Beard and head are thick with a reddish look. ‘Bushy’ effect starts on the head where hair is set to go wavy and drawn to the back. A few strands on the front are made into bangs that fall by the side of one cheek. Facial hair is trimmed shortly on the sides but left to grow under-chin.

# 15 Braided Facial Hair

‘Bad guy’ look is what you will get from the braided facial hair and it is one of the top-end styles. The look was made a hit in the Pirates of the Caribbean Sea and it has become a look than many guys would have for their facial cuts. The head hair and the beard is braided and beautified with additions of colorful beads. It is an image for both the fun and serious looking guy.

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