100 Trendy Fade Haircut For Men – Nice 2019 Looks

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# 6 Princeton Fade

The Princeton fade is essentially what is known as a crew cut. In this fade hairdo, the hair at the top of the head can be from one inch to two inches longer than the rest of the head, and is gradually decreased at the sides and back.

# 7 High and Tight Fade

This fade hairstyle is commonly referred to as the “bald face” haircut. It is also one of the very best instances of martial hairstyles due to its short nature and low maintenance attributes. The hair at the back of the head as well as the sides are normally left clean shaven, while that at the top can be buzzed.

# 8 Comb Over Fade

In the comb over fade, the hair at the top of the head tends to be grown much longer in length, while that which is found on both the sides and back is gradually shaved into near invisibility.

# 9 Curly Afro Fade

This hairstyle is especially excellent for black males who may be blessed with thick curly hair. The expression of the hair at the top of the head can be suitably pronounced through appropriate texturing. It is also important to note that the curly Afro fade can blend well with a finely trimmed beard.

# 10 360 Degrees Waves and Beard Fade

This haircut integrates a low fade at the top of the head that is noted for featuring 360 degrees waves. The latter of which often presents a thick facial hair appearance that contrasts well with the texture at the top.

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