45 Great Gatsby Hairstyles for Men – Bring Out the Dapper in You

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# 6 Slicked Back Top with Tapered Sides

This variation wanders away from the most mainstream designs and boasts of a long slicked back top with steeply tapered sides that enhance its prominence. The classic hairstyle works well with long to medium hair.

# 7 Thick Top Side Sweep with Razor Fade

A more hip version of the hairstyle that still makes waves (forgive the pun) in fashion is the voluminous top with a promenade side sweeping, albeit minimal. The focal point of the hairstyle is enhanced with razor faded sides, resulting in a crossover modern and classic variation of the gentleman’s haircut.

# 8 Slick Back Top with Low Bald Fade

The contemporary tape up hair cut fade is combined with the timelessly classy side sweep to produce an elegant crossover of the two. Safe to say, the two styles bring out the best in each other, with the sleek fade putting more emphasis on the slicked back, long-haired top.

# 9 High Fade with Wavy Pomade Top

This daring haircut features a wild combination of the modern high tapering bald fade with a wavy top that has been swept aside in elegant fashion. The subtle beard disconnect adds taste to the classic look in this perfect example of how versatile the classic Gatsby is.

# 10 Wavy Side Sweep with Layered Tapering

Unlike the modern fades, the sides are tapered layer after layer using a barber’s scissors. This look embodies the classic Gatsby from the wavy, side-swept locks on the crown to the distinctly elegant parting line running on one temple.

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