60 Incredible Hair Color Ideas For Men – Express Yourself

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# 6 Deep Red

Short, close-cropped hair that is left long at the top section will look best in a deep red undertone. Men with medium and fair complexions are the best candidates for the deep red hair color. However, men with warm and slightly darker skin tones can still wear this color, but the red tone they chose has to be deeper to make their hairs stand out. Thick and medium textured hair is probably the best for this color mainly because it forms a good base for the short cut that goes with deep red, but you should not let your hair texture prevent you from wearing this color. You can play along with different hairstyles till you get one that will go well with deep red.

# 7 Neutral Brown

Men with a medium warm complexion should think of giving their hair this interesting color. This is especially so if they have a layered and side swept hairstyle. However, due to the nature and appearance of neutral brown, it will be more suitable for thicker hair. This is because using this color on your tresses will make thinning or fine hair look finer. And if the mane is too long it will look thinner. This color cannot be used to conceal thinning hair and so if you have this type of hair it will not be a good idea to wear neutral brown.

# 8 Dark Brown

Dark brown will give your hair some warmth or a hint of caramel, and you can easily see this by looking at the appearance of the tips of the strands when wearing this hue. The effect of this color especially at the tip of the hair bring out an unmatched beauty and so if you are thinking of trying this color then you should give your hair a good length to expose the tips better. The warm dark brown hair color works well on men with yellow, olive and tan complexions. Medium to thick hair is also the best for this color because it looks better on fuller hair.

# 9 Golden Blonde

Gold is not only good as part of your jewelry as you can also use its color to make your hairstyle look more attractive. The golden blonde color works well with fair or medium complexions and will look extra good for men with light eyes. Wavy thick hair is perfect for the golden blonde color, and it can be used on hairstyles such as the angled fauxhawk. However, you should use some styling gel to hold your fauxhawk in place to showcase your new color.

# 10 The Green Hair

Green hair is a very good idea especially for people who like to keep the top section of the head longer or those who like to wear hairstyles such as the pompadour and the Mohawk. You can use any green tone, but light green seems to work much better especially if you are wearing a pompadour. The sides and back should be faded and left in their natural color. Medium to dark complexion men will look best in this color.

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