45 Classy Haircuts for “Fat” Faces – Find Your Perfect One

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# 6 Classy and Wavy Pomp

Classy and Wavy Pomp


This modern take of the pompadour is fantastic, and it entails leaving some voluminous wavy locks on the crown, giving them a side part and tapering the strands below the parting line. The movement in this hair and the perfect hold make it look very classy.

# 7 Sleek Blue Quiff

A quiff also works for a “fat” face, and if you give it a magical blue shade like this one, then you will look beautiful. To look this elegant, you will also need a side part and a high fade on the sides.

# 8 Curly Fade Out

Your natural curls can also give you a charming look if you know how to cut and style them. In this design, the curly strands also have a fabulous volume, and you should style them with a forward sweep to hang over the forehead. And to finish the look you only need to fade out the sides.

# 9 Tapered and Wavy Thin Locks

This hair may be thin, but the styling makes it look very exquisite. It entails chopping the strands to a couple of inches and then tapering them on the sides to make them look very trendy, and you should finish the look by making them wavy.

# 10 Wavy Slick Back and Tapering

Here is another stylish taper cut for a modern man with a “fat” face. To create it you should taper the sides and create a line up on the nape of the neck. The only other thing that you need is to make the long strands on the crown wavy and style by pushing them back.

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