45 Classy Haircuts for “Fat” Faces – Find Your Perfect One

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# 11 Short Faded Slick Back

It is hard not to notice the beautiful golden shade of this hair as it makes the strands dazzle. However, the cut and styling are still the highlights of the headdress, and they entail leaving some smooth strands on the crown and fading the sides. You should them finish the look by brushing back the long locks smoothly.

# 12 Upswept Spikes and Skin Fade

Spiky hairs will look good on any man regardless of his face shape. The ones in this style have a lovely upswept design, a moderate tapering and they finish with a skin fade on the sides.

# 13 Chunky and Wavy Bangs

Chunky and Wavy Bangs


If you have a voluminous and textured hair like this one you will look good in any haircut. A simple fade on the sides and leaving some wavy and chunky bangs on the crown is enough to make you look outstanding.

# 14 Low Faded Swirls

A neat and moderate trim is all that you need to create this lovely hairdo because the swirly locks are already beautiful enough. You should then spice up the look with a zero fade on the sides to create a disconnection with the facial hairs.

# 15 Neat Afro Textured Hair with Smooth Fade

African Americans have a perfectly textured hair, and so this design will be perfect for them. It entails leaving some afro textured and neat strands on the crown, creating a side part and finishing with a smooth fade on the sides.

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