100 Beautiful Hairstyles For Black Men – New Styling Ideas

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# 6 Neat Wavy and Bearded

For black men keeping a beard, the mane has to be equally good to complement that beard that you worked hard to preserve. The neat wavy short strands is a good idea for this style, and it is also very simple to wear. Just trim the top section of your head to medium length and make it wavy. You should then closely shave the sides and back.

# 7 Long Tapered Dreadlocks

With dreadlocks, you can look good without doing anything else on them but if you tapered the sides and style the dreadlocks creatively then you will look even more exquisite. In this style, you should let the locks flow so as to display their long lengths. Taper the sides and back and pair it with big facial hair to finish the look.

# 8 Clippered Short with Center Parting

Black men look pleasant with short hair, and this is perhaps why most of them prefer keeping it short. In this style, the mane is clipped short and neat and then a stylish center parting is made using the clippers. The parting line is curvy unlike in other styles, and this makes the cut unique. A medium size and well kept beard also adds to the gorgeousness of the style.

# 9 High Top Dreads

By pulling your dreadlock to the center and then holding it in what looks like a big man bun, will totally change how you look. The dreads create a high and unique high top, and you should have the sides and back of the head slightly trimmed to make your high top more visible and neat.

# 10 Short Twists with Short Sides and Back

Short twists give a man a casual and somewhat shaggy but still a very stylish appearance. The short twists should be left at the top section of the head while the sides and back should be closely shaved. The long neat beard is also a must have to finish this look.

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