80 Smart Hairstyles for Square Faces – The Best Looks to Try

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# 11 Brush Cut Pompadour

In this modern take on the classic hairstyle, the hair has been given a brush cut with short sides. The top hair has been combed forward to create height a la pompadour!

# 12 Brad Wears Relaxed Look

In this picture, Brad wears his hair long – to fall just above the shoulders. The hair has been straightened, then parted and he wears it tucked behind the ears.

# 13 Curly Hair On The Rise

Do’s with short sides and height on top are super trendy and this look works well with curly hair as it already had natural texture. The style we see here looks neat and elegant.

# 14 Brush Me Up

For this look, the top hair has been finger combed together to create small peaks and height over the forehead with the sides trimmed short.

# 15 Light Pink with Long Fringe

Here all the hair has been cut to a similar length but has been given body with scissor cuts and tousling. The front hair has been combed forward to fall over the brows.

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