70 Hottest Men’s Hairstyles for Straight Hair – Try Something New

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# 11 Slicked Back with Double Tap

Here is a great idea on how to eliminate that monotonous look in your slicked back haircut. The sides incorporate a double tap with two surgical lines that create a statement. The nape of the neck is given a neat undercut.

# 12 Textured Half-Pomp with Undercut Sides

This style adds visual volume and texture. The pomp flips to one side and blends well with the undercut sides to provide a neat fresh finish.

# 13 Double Tap for Spiky Pomp

A pomp doesn’t always have to be sleek. You can give it a messy look by texturing and styling it to create the illusion of a spiky top. The undercut sides are given a double tap with a surgical line to match.

# 14 Perfect Preppy Hair

Leonardo DiCaprio shows you how to texture and thin your hair for that neat look. The hair is pulled back to make the face much fuller and bring out the hot looks of this celebrity.

# 15 Long Layered Top with Undercut Sides

Brad Pitt gives you a chance to see why he is regarded as one of the hottest people alive. The actor keeps his top locks long and pulled to the back. There is a drastic change in length from the long top locks to the undercut sides.

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