80 Elegant Hairstyles For Thick Hair – Trendy Highlights

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# 6 Medium Long Spiky Quiff

Men with round, oval and square face shapes look good with a quiff but to make things even much better, the quiff should be spiked for thick hair. The medium-length quiff at the top of the head is very attractive, and the spikes make it more detailed because sometimes it can be a little dull. The sides should then be faded to blend in with the facial hairs. It is also a good idea to make the top hairs textured.

# 7 Side Sweep with a Side Braid

A nice side swept front hair will look more elegant with the introduction of a simple side braid. The style starts with a trimmed top section and closely shaved sides. Longer top hairs are then given a side part to create a base hair. The base hair should then be weaved into a single braid that stretches to the crown. Some of the base hairs will not be long enough to be weaved into the braid, and so you should blend them in with the short sides.

# 8 Textured Curly Top

Thick and curly strands hold shape well and so when choosing a haircut you should go for one with neat edges like this one. With this style, all you will need to do is texture the longer curly top with pomade or wax for a natural everyday look. To make styling even much easier, you should keep the sides short but make sure that they are not shaved too close to exposing the scalp as this will ruin the look.

# 9 Spiky Perfection

All types of locks can be textured and made spiky, but naturally thick hair has an edge over the rest because it holds the spikes much better than other hair types even without using any products. In this cut, the spiky mane at the top is combined with well shaped facial hairs that go very well with the hairstyle.

# 10 Simple but Elegant Thick Hair

The beauty of this hairstyle is a result of only two things that are the thickness of the hair and the skills of the barber. This style fits perfectly on men with round and oval face shape and the thicker the mane, the better they will look because it will be easier to get the styling right. The hairstyle also proves that you can never go wrong if you choose a skilled and experienced barber to work on your strands.

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