75 Flattering Hairstyles For Men With Thinning Hair – Snip For Confidence

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# 6 Curl Champ

If you have naturally curly hair then you already have a step up on thinning hair. The bounce and volume created by well-positioned curls helps smooth out thinner sections. Give it structure by adding a brushed up front portion.

# 7 Smooth Brush Back

If you have problem areas around the sides of your head why not opt for a slick brush back like this with tapered sides? It draws the eye back and covers imperfections like a charm.

# 8 Silver Fox

Gray locks are everywhere and people are clamoring to achieve them so don’t be afraid to wear your natural salt and pepper hair. Give it a modern twist by choosing an on trend hairstyle like this with high sides and lift in the front.

# 9 Two-Step Undercut

Dapper hairstyles are a top choice for stylish guys and if you have thinning hair it’s no problem. Here a two-step undercut tidies up patchy sides and the front flip draws attention upward.

# 10 Blonde Brush Back

In this picture, the hair has been cut into a step style at the back with longer locks on top. These have been swept back, but not slicked down so they create volume to combat thinness. Adding in ash blonde streaks (or any light color) also helps add dimension and body. 

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