110 Gallant Hairstyles With Bangs – Trendy Highlights In 2019

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# 6 Curly Long Bob

This is a wild style that leaves your head thick with long curls dropping to your shoulder level. The bangs are added to the front to give a smoother tone within the curly mix.

# 7 Brown Chop

This is an easy going style that will let your brown medium sized hair make the side waves it wants. You can part it on one side and comb each side downwards. On the front the bangs can be dropped almost to one of the eyebrows leaving the other in the clear.

# 8 Top Fry & Curly Bangs

The top fry requires that you shave clean the sides and pull forward the top patch to extend it beyond the end of a forehead. The fringe is left to fall free to reach your eyebrows. It is left entangled in curls thus giving your style a wild look.

# 9 Top Mop & Slanted Bangs

The top mop is already a great hairstyle but with slanting fringe it looks more appealing and complete. The sides are smoothed backwards while the top thick patch is drawn forwards and then the tips from one side elongated towards the opposite side of the face.

# 10 Scattered Top

The hair is let to grow from almost the drop of the back head. Some groups of strands grow forwards, backwards and sideways. They are set to fall freely to their natural direction. At the front, the bangs go as far as the eye level but leaving spaces for clear view. 

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