50 Exceptional Handlebar Mustache Styles – How to Grow & Care

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# 6 “O” Curved

This mustache is quite unique in the way it curves at the ends to form that “O” shape. It is of medium thickness and blends well with thick beards. The beards and mustache feature dark shades that are given some life with gray highlights.

# 7 Mustache Combined with Dreadlocks

Any Rastafarian will find this style quite breathtaking. The mustache is left to grow to medium thickness with the ends curving to a near “L” shape. The beards are trimmed to medium thickness with plenty of length around the chin. The whole look is sealed with dreadlocks on the head.

# 8 Thick Mustache with Textured Hair

This type of mustache looks quite isolated due to the absence of beards. The mustache is thick and curves at the ends to a “C” shape. It is combined with a textured haircut that features undercut sides. The hair and the mustache are given the same color combination for the purpose of uniformity.

# 9 Mustache and Pompadour Haircut

This mustache is of medium thickness. The ends curve to an almost “O” shape. Beards are not left to chance as they are shaven clean. A pompadour haircut tops up the whole look. You can add a pair of sunglasses to make you look cool.

# 10 Mustache for the Bald Combined with Thick Beards

Baldness doesn’t have to be an inconvenience when growing a mustache. You can give you hair a razor shave and allow your mustache to grow thick. The beards are left thick with plenty of volume around the chin.

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