50 Fashionable Hipster Beards – Up To The Minute Styles

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# 6 Bushy Bad Boy

Got lush curly locks? Add a bushy beard for a smoking hot style. This beard has been grown out to obscure the lower lines of the face with the moustache combed into the facial hair.

# 7 Fine Comb Fancy

Express your individuality like this guy by letting that facial hair grow out! His reaches almost to his breastbone and the flaming ginger bristles have been finely combed out.

# 8 Super Shaper

In this profile view, we can see how this beard has been trimmed to have a neat rounded shape from the neck to the chin. The sides have been shaved to have straight edges and the moustache curls in to cover the top lip.

# 9 Defining Moustache Tips

When your beard is completely grown out so that it covers your lower face and mouth, it looks attractive to give some definition to the look. You can do that like this man did; by styling the ends of the moustache to have pointed tips.

# 10 Arty Facial Hair

Feeling artistic? Express it in your beard! Use specialized wax to combine the stands at the ends of your moustache and style them upwards like you see here.

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