45 Neat Hitler Youth Haircut Styles – New Trendy Ideas

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# 11 Long Waves with Thick Beard

Faded sides make a stark contrast to the long wavy top section that is dragged to the back leaving the forehead in the clear. The beard is thick but well-tended to remain intact.

# 12 Circular Heap

A thick circular heap sits at the middle of the head. It is surrounded by glaring bareness and tries to make a short bang on the forehead.

# 13 Half Faux Mohawk

It starts at the head’s back fall and proceeds to drop as low as the eyebrows on the face. It is not cut from the typical hawk look but there is some resemblance.

# 14 Smooth Strata

Clean on the ears and the back, the top is combed to intent smoothness. The back middle part falls under the front middle section. It is simple but worth a top spot on this list.

# 15 Wiggy Undercut

Looking it from a distance you would think that this is a wig but it is only styled to look that way. It is cleaned to the skin at the sides. It makes a groove at the forehead but does not go as low as the eyebrows.

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