50+ Sexy Images Of Zac Efron Hair – Inspirational Styles

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# 6 Brown Locks

Brown Locks


Coloring your hair is one of the easiest ways to wear an incredible style and the star proves it with his magnificent brown locks. And he also shows that locks do not always have to be very long for them to look good when colored. He keeps his brown mane short and styles it with a slight side part and side sweeping.

# 7 Peaked Bangs

The actor has some cute bangs and apart from making him look very attractive they also offer him a lot of versatility when it comes to styling his mane. In this particular hairdo, the bangs are neatly combed forward to create a wavy look. They converge at the top to form an incredible peak that looks like a short pompadour.

# 8 Swept Back

Swept back hairdos are very simple, but the best thing is that they work well for most men, and all that is needed is a proper length and the use of some products. Efron’s swept back cut is unique since unlike in other styles he does not push all the hair back. Instead of this, he first parts the hair on the side to create two portions and so when swept back some of the hairs will flow diagonally for a perfect finish.

# 9 Curly Tips

The curly tip is a short elongated haircut that has razored flicks, and it is perhaps one this superstar’s favorite cuts or, at least, was in his younger years. He seems to have a thing for styles that cover his forehead, and this is regardless of the fact that he does not have a protruding or elongated forehead. In this do, what makes the razored flicks adorable is that the tips are made curly.

# 10 Elongated Fringe

A fringe can make a man look stylish and modern if done correctly and most of the times this does not take much to achieve. Like in this style all that is needed is to make it elongated by leaving some extra length at the top. The wavy hair also adds some beauty to the cut, but the most important thing is to style the fringe well.

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