50 Graceful Ivy League Haircut Styles – Smart Choices

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# 6 Curly Ivy League

Curly Ivy League


Curly hair is beautiful even without any styling, and if you need to style it, then you can achieve a fabulous look with a good gel and your fingers. For this style, the curls are trimmed to a medium length or to about three inches long. A generous amount of gel or any other quality hair hold product is used, and then you can style the curls with your fingers. Try and leave the curls looking as natural as possible as they will be more attractive this way.

# 7 Smart Side Sweep

Smart Side Sweep


Most hair experts will tell you that the simplest thing that you can do with your medium length hair to look smart is side sweeping it. For this side swept hair to look beautiful it should start with a neat side parting. Top hair is swept to the side then the rest of the hair is swept to the opposite direction. Remember to use a generous amount of the right hair product for the side swept hair to look fabulous.

# 8 Blond & Innovative

This blonde haircut will make every man with blonde locks cut them short. What makes it special is that it is very innovative, and it goes out of the norm that is keeping blond hair long. The hair is reduced to about two inches at the top then the sides cut short and given undercut to finish a very innovative look.

# 9 Gelled Harvard Clip

No other hair product comes close to gel regarding popularity among men. And this is rightfully so because it always has a way of breathing some new life into any hair no matter how dull it may be. The Gelled Harvard Clip is all about gel because it does all magic and besides, from the hair trimming the only other things needed is to push the front strands slightly to one side to finish an eye-catching look.

# 10 Total Slickness

Whether you like slicked hair or not this style will impress you, and you will perhaps also want to try it. Texture of the hair is amazing and the dark color is also very attractive. After the application of a hair product to give it a shine and to make it easy to slick, hair is given a hard side art then slicked. The deep part line forms the base from where the hair is totally slicked in all directions except the front.

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