50 Uncommon Juice Haircuts – Inspired by Tupac Shakur

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# 6 Low Flat Top

This is the style for you if you don’t fancy long afro hair. The hair on the sides is cut off completely, and that on the top is left to be fairly short.

# 7 Classic Juice Fade

You can opt for this classic juice fade style. It gives a simple yet exquisite look that can be enhanced even further by a well-shaped sideburn and beard.

# 8 Black Faded Flat Top

This flat top style originated from African Americans. It can either be a low or high cut. The outstanding channeling gives it an impressive gradient and thus a great resultant outlook.

# 9 Low Cut Fade with Tramline

The most outstanding and visible feature of this haircut is its tramline. The style is perfect when you are rocking slightly short hair and a long bushy beard. That allows for tapering on the sides and thus highlighting your well-maintained beard.

# 10 Sharp Edged Low Fade

The low cut makes your hair very smooth and even across the whole head. The sharp cuts and curved line offer an even better and more appealing look.

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