50 Trendy Justin Bieber Magical Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

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# 6 The Gentleman Slick Back

Bieber is very experimental, and he tries various looks from time to time. Here he has a blonde tone and short locks, and he designs them into a slick back with a side part, and this gives him an attractive gentleman look.

# 7 Front Side Sweep

This style maintains a couple of inches at the front and with his typical tapered sides and back. However, the center of attraction in the design is the light blonde shade and the simple side sweep of the front locks.

# 8 Slicked Retro Look

Blonde hair has been in trend for many years and in this hairdo, Bieber draws inspiration from an old-school look. He has some long bangs on the crown and short sides, and he styles them with a retro slick back.

# 9 Side Swept Bangs with Darkened Roots

Darkening the roots helps to create contrast in any headdress, and it forms a top notch pattern like in this style. Apart from this contrast he also has some long textured bangs that he styles by sweeping them to one side.

# 10 Spiky Sleek with Undercut

The tone on of this hair is not a pure blonde since it also has a melt of light brown. These two shades create a unique shade, but the hair also has a lovely cut that involves making the locks slight spiky and brushing them over the undercut.

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