50 Trendy Justin Bieber Magical Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

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# 26 Gold Toned Locks

Justin Bieber likes to break away from the norm or his usual hairdos, and this style is a perfect example of this. He keeps longer locks than usual and styles them by sweeping them to the sides. However, the golden hue of the locks is what sets the look apart from the rest.

# 27 Short and Spiky Strands

The light brown shade in this style is amazing, and it has a sweet hint of blonde that gives the strands a lovely tone. However, its cut is also splendid, and it involves chopping the strands short to create some attractive spikes that she finishes with a slick back.

# 28 Stunning White Blonde

White blonde is a lovely shade and in most cases it is enough to create a classy hairdo. In this style, it makes all the difference because the strands have a small trim, and they do not have any fancy styling.

# 29 Gorgeous Casual Bangs

This hairdo has an outdoor feel, and it makes this young superstar look fantastic. Apart from the perfectly chopped and textured locks the darkened roots and the light brown shade of the hair are the other things that make this an outstanding design.

# 30 Medium Length Blonde Side Sweep

The shaggy look in this style is eye-catching, and it makes his hair look very natural. However, it would not look this good without the medium length size and light blonde tone. The side sweep is also vital, but he has to make it messy to get this look.

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