70 Sweet Fantastic Little Boy Haircuts – Charming Ideas

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# 6 Short Pompadour

The Short Pompadour is a tapered little boy haircut that is brushed backward to achieve what can be described as an Elvis look. Boys of all ages can wear this style, but it looks way much better on toddlers due to their babyish look. It is worn by applying a generous amount of texturizing lotion and brushing the hair backward. You should finish by brushing the sides to smoothen everything.

# 7 Beachy Long Hairs

Most parents prefer keeping their little boy’s hair as short as possible as it is easy to maintain. However, long hairs in boys are slowly making a comeback as more and more parents realize that their kids can look gorgeous with long hair. The Beachy long haircut incorporates lots of texture, long bangs and a razor touch around the neck and ears. What makes this haircut special is that it does not make you look like you have just come from the salon.

# 8 Punk Rock Tot

If your little boy is already a rebel or, at least, he thinks he is one, then this style can be perfect for him as it will give him the rebel look that he desires. In this style, a long side bang is paired with closely shaved sides to give your boy an edgy touch. You can also try different things with this style as the possibilities are endless provided you have a skilled and creative barber.

# 9 Classic Curly

Kids with a naturally curly hair have many advantages as their hair is easier to style and there are also many haircut styles that go well with curly hair. It is best to cut their hair close to the roots so that their amazing locks can be expressed. This haircut works well with any hair type between medium and thick volume and is suitable for all face types. To get an even better look, you can enhance the natural curls using a good quality hold gel.

# 10 Edged Out

Short haircuts can look great on little boys when done correctly, and the Edged Out style proves this beyond any doubt. The beauty of this style is in the fact that it is buzzed in, and so there will be no need for any styling. To make it more interesting, a few detailed lines are added on the side.

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