65 Awesome Man Bun Hairstyles – You Should Try It

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# 6 Bold and Simple

Some men prefer to go for something simple but yet still very stylish as it helps them make a statement and draw all the attention that they need. This style is a perfect example of this, and the good thing is that you can still create it even if you do not have a very long mane. All you need to do to replicate this look is to pull the strands and pin them into a bun. However, you can also spice up your look with some inventive twisting before tying the strands.

# 7 Luscious Locks with a Bun

If you are patient enough to grow out your locks and are also fortunate to have some voluminous luscious locks, then an elegant bun is enough to give you a refined look. To create one like this you should pull your strands inventively to create a ball like design before tying them. And for the bun, you do not even need a band since you can use a few of your luscious locks to wrap around the bun and hold it in place.

# 8 Elegant Low Chignon

The elegance of this headdress will make any man want to grow out his strands so he can have it. Everything from the color of the hair to the texture of the strands is top notch, and this makes styling easy for you since you do not have to do much to create a polished look. And so all you should do is to pull all the strands neatly to the back and then tie them into a simple low chignon to finish your refined look.

# 9 Sleek and High Pony Knot

This design is very sleek and trendy, but it is still very easy to create provided you have a medium or long hair. To wear this style you only need to leave hair on the crown and fade the sides and back. You should then pull the medium length strands to the center of the head and tie them into a sleek pony. And you can spice it a little by making it slightly curly.

# 10 Stylish Blonde Top Knot

Bleaching or coloring your hair can also give you a very refined look like this blonde bleach. However, you still need to create a stylish design if you want to look good in your distinctive color. In this style, the strands form a small and tight topknot on the crown while the sides and back are tapered short. 

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