50 Classic Marine Haircuts for Men – Serving In Style

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# 6 Flat Top Fashion

In this picture, we can see that the hair has been shaved down to stubble leaving only the section between the temples and back to crown with longer hair. This hair has been brushed up and cut into a flat top while the sides were gradually blended.

# 7 Protect and Serve

In this hairstyle, the sides are short but gently blend into the lengthier hair in the crown area. This style is simple and easy to maintain – just right for the marine!

# 8 Combat Comb Over

To create this smart look the hair has been snipped short all over and an off center parting has been added. The hair has been neatly combed over to one side.

# 9 Bristle Top

This is another example of the popular flat top style. Here the hair has been shaved completely on the sides and top hair has been treated to brush cut, then snipped flat.

# 10 No Nonsense

In this look, we can see that the sides are shaved bald and the top hair has been blended into them slightly. The remaining hair, which extends from the forehead to the crown, has been brush cut.

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