80+ Trendy Mens Hairstyles For Long Hair In 2019

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#6 Beachcomber

The Beachcomber is a style for anyone who cherishes to play in the sand or surf, and they can wear this style to the office or formal functions. Beachcomber is suitable for anybody with a long thick hair, but it looks better on curly hairs.


#7 Middle Part

Trying a new look with your locks is a good idea and one way to do this is trying to part it in the middle. Just like most other long hairstyles, it is suitable for all face shapes and hair densities. To wear this look, you should use a small amount of grooming cream and part the hair with your fingers before air drying it.


#8 New Heights

The New Heights is a simple style that lets your natural hair shine without any complications. New Heights is a suitable hairstyle for men with curly hair and can be worn by people of face shapes and color.


#9 Model Locks

Few other long hairstyles catch the attention of ladies like the sleek and stylish Model Locks. Model Locks is a polished style that is worn using a relaxed undertone. It is suitable for all hair densities and light skinned men with oval or round shaped faces.


#10 Long Texture

This is a bohemian hairstyle that lets you play with the texture of your hair. To wear this style you should apply a leave in conditioner in your wet air, twist curls and then let your hair air dry before lastly fluffing curls into the desired shape. This style is suitable for African Americans with curly hair.

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