40 Winning Messi Haircuts – Sporty And Stylish Looks For Guys

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# 6 Razor Fade Sides

In this picture, he is wearing short graded sides that have been clipped high, together with a razor fade at the edges. The locks in front are slightly longer and have been combed up and back.

# 7 Everyday Dapper

Here Lionel is channeling a classic dapper look with his hair brushed back on the sides and on top. The style is sleek but with a little lift. This is a good look for a sportsman as it is suitable for everyday wear as well.

# 8 Texture Goals

In this look, Leo is wearing a razor fade on the sides with longer upper locks. This hair has been given a choppy, texturized cut and we can just see a disconnected parting on the left with a few strands falling on the brow.

# 9 Messing Partings

Here Lionel is wearing a style that is right on trend at the moment. His sides have been trimmed short and the top locks are longer with a slightly edgy cut. The sides are separated from the upper locks on both sides by disconnected, messy partings.

# 10 Razor Fade With Tousled Top Locks

In this picture, his hair has been cut with a distinct razor fade above the ears with longer hair in the upper section. The hair is tousled and falls over the razor trimmed sides. 

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