50 Classy Military Haircut Styles – Choose Yours

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# 6 Side Swept with a Base Hair

This variation of the regular cut adds a twist to this famous haircut by adding a base hair on one side. To get this style start with two or three inches of strands at the top and then create a side part. After the side part, you should then create the base hair that should be about an inch in width and length. You should then shave the hairs below the baseline short to complete this hairdo. Note that you can brush the top hairs to one side or style it into a pomp.

# 7 High and Tight-Extra Long

High and tight military hairstyles combine very closely shaved sides and a longer top. In this cut, the top is longer than in other hairdos. The top should be long enough such that it is possible to comb it forward towards the forehead.

# 8 The Vintage Military Cut

Men who like classic or old school cuts can try the vintage military hairstyle as it fits perfectly with this description. In the vintage haircut, the top is quite high and styled in a way that makes it look like it’s tucked in. The rest of the mane is then reduced starting with a slightly longer locks just after the top hair to an almost bald cut at the back.

# 9 The Bald High and Tight

The high and tight military cut comes in many variations, and this simple one that involves smooth shaved sides and back is one of them. In this cut, a small neatly trimmed hair is left at the top then relaxed with some quality hair product. The sides and back are then shaved bald then combined with small and neat facial hairs.

# 10 Comb Over Top

Comb over top hairdo takes inspiration from the undercut style. This cut keeps the sides and back short and maintains a comb over in the top part of the head. The hair at the top should be parted to make the style more interesting. Gel or any other styling product should be applied after that the hair combed over.

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