50 Upscale Mullet Haircut Styles – Express Yourself

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# 11 Hybrid Mullet

Hybrid Mullet


What makes this haircut a hybrid is that it does not only take inspiration from the Mohawk but instead combines two distinct hairdos. Depending on how you look at this cut you can rightfully call it a short Mohawk or a classic mullet as it has all the characteristics of both styles.

# 12 Side Part Mullet

Simple side parts make this hairstyle trendier and modern, but the cuts also add to the beauty as they are also nicely done. The curly hair is trimmed and left long in the middle while the sides are a high fade design. A side-part line is then introduced to separate the two levels of hair so as to finish the look.

# 13 The Man Pony

Growing out your hair takes a lot of effort, but if you are patient enough to get the long locks, then you will be able to wear many hairdos like the man pony mullet. Here the locks are long enough that they can he pulled into a ponytail but instead of this, they are skin shaved on the sides while the long strands are in the middle. Skin shaving the sides creates an amazing disconnection for men who keep full and long facial hairs.

# 14 Blonde Mullet

Blonde Mullet


If you have a naturally blonde hair, or you do not mind coloring your hair, then you can wear this design effortlessly. This hairdo only involves letting you strands grow as long as possible especially at the back and then styling them. The ones at the back should be left to flow while you can have the top as an Emo style or any other front push design that you like.

# 15 Side Swept

Side Swept


To wear this haircut, you almost do not have to do any cuts on your locks. If you keep long strands, you should trim them at the top while leaving the back longer. The trimmed top that should be a couple of inches long should then be side parted, and side swept.

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