50 Dashing Nazi Haircuts – Smart Military Inspired Looks For Guys

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# 6 Hipster Revival

Here the model is wearing a vintage type hairstyle with a pompadour-inspired lift over the forehead and a tapered undercut on the side. He’s teamed this with vintage frames and a mustache for a hipster feel.

# 7 Short Comb Over

Here the model has a high parting with brushed over locks on one side and a single length razor cut on the other. Although the hair is slicked over there is a slight curl in front which adds to the vintage feel of the style.

# 8 Liking It Long

Don’t want to lose your long locks? Don’t worry – here is a Nazi-inspired haircut for you! The hair has been allowed to grow past the neck and while you can’t see it there is probably an undercut to ensure it’s manageable enough to sleek the locks back.

# 9 Taper Time

In this look, a tapered undercut dips into a V-shape at the back, which helps provide contrast to the thicker hair on top. These upper locks have a slight pompadour style and are balanced by a high parting.

# 10 Smart Guy

Instead of shaved locks alongside the parting, this look allows for more length; making it easy to slick the hair down for a neat gentleman style. This look is simple but effective and ties in well with his facial hair.

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