Top 10 Best Nose Hair Trimmer Reviews – In 2021

The question is: can you get the best nose hair trimmer in the market today? Men love the hair but only if it at the right places. It is not the expectation of many guys to see hair strands showing from your nose.

It is a disgusting look that would turn off that fine lady who would have wished to date. That calls for trimming your long nose hair and be free flaunt that dalliance facial look you have always wanted.


# 1 ER-GN30-K Nose & Hair Trimmer

ER-GN30-K Nose & Hair Trimmer


Precision and comfort are something you would want whenever you trim your nose hair. Panasonic has delivered that promise to you in their ER-GN30-K trimmer. A sleek piece, it is built in contemporary technology that is geared to give you the best experience.

You will no longer loathe the time you have to give your nose a trim since here is a product that understands your sensitivity and the need for a clean shave. Due to its excellent performance, men are not making any other choice and they make it upon themselves to recommend the product to their friends.

You can now understand why every 2 out of 3 men will prefer to use this trimmer to others in the market and you are missing a lot if you are yet to buy one.


Attractive Features

It is not for the sake of selling that this trimmer leads the charts in terms of the most purchased shaving devices. It has prominent features that all men are looking for. Here are the outstanding features that make it a must-purchase product:

  • It has a vortex cleaning system that leaves no trace of hair. It gets rid of the trimmed strands and your nose is left fresh.
  • The wet and dry combination and you can choose what you prefer.
  • Easy to wash hence you do not have to stress with its maintenance. It is made for men who may not have much time to clean their shaving devices. It comes with a cleaning brush and a protective cap that makes it easy for you to keep it clean and germs-free.
  • Built as a pocket-size device; you can carry it where you want and you will not be shabby at the nose when you travel.
  • Uses ‘AA’ size batteries and they can run for 90 minutes in continuous use. It will last you for months before you need to replace the batteries since a single shave may last less than a minute.
  • It is designed ergonomically so it is easy to hold and position. This is crucial to avoid injuries to your nose’s inner soft tissue.
  • The dual-edge blades are hypo-allergenic and their 60-degree slant means you will not have to pull it back and forth when you are using it.


The Genius Behind its Working

Whenever Panasonic releases a product into the market, they do so with the objective of dethroning any other competing brand from the top spot.

That is why their products are easy to use just like you will notice in this trimmer. At the blades, it uses a rotary system that is faster and safe. It trims your hair to the size you want and not any bit longer or shorter.

The rotating system eliminates any chances of injuries that would scare you from buying any trimmer out there. You wouldn’t wish to get a better product than what this Panasonic piece offers.


# 2 Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmer

Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmer

It is never a good expenditure if you have to buy a hair trimmer every other year. What if you could find a piece that has a lifetime guarantee?

Great, because that is what you get in the popular heavy-duty trimmer made from steel. Designed to give you a desirable experience, this piece should be a top priority in your shaving paraphernalia.


Impressive Features

At your age, you must have met so many nose trimmers and your bad past experience may make you skeptical about what you put your money on. Understanding that you may be having this perception, heavy-duty nose trimmer comes with unrivaled modern features that you are yet to see in another product on the market:

  • It comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. Once you buy the first piece, your future needs are covered and you will always have a new piece when your old one is spoiled. Who wouldn’t want such a deal to save on a few dollars for other needs?
  • Made of steel that will last with the original hue. Most of the trimmers out there are made of plastic and it will be a bonus if they last for one year. Here is a product made from heavy-duty quality steel and it will serve you for as long as you want. The steel is stainless if you are wondering about having to sterilize it every other time after you use it.
  • It has an LED light that will help you see those hidden strands that you want to trim.
  • It is water-resistant so you can clean and rinse it without the fear of rust.
  • It is built-in high precision design to give you a clean cut if you are the type that wants your nose hair trimmed to the roots.


How it Works

With a rotating system at the head, it moves the blades in mild swirls that find every long strand. It is adjustable thus you can trim the hair to the length you are comfortable with. The rotary system attracts hair strands to it from the top and sides.

It is thus effective in trimming hair that may evade the conventional trimmers. It’s ease to hold and position prevents any injuries since you can precisely have it cut only what you need. Thanks to its creative design, men are not thinking twice when they spend on this piece.

It is never a bad purchase if you buy such a piece. Welcome to the world of hairless noses and bid goodbye to the shrub which has been making you uncomfortable in ladies’ company.


# 3 Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose Trimmer

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose Trimmer

It is in every guy’s wish to have versatile shaving devices that can do more than one task. For your nose hair trimmer, you would be the happiest if you got something that will also shave your ears’ hair.

It seems Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose Trimmer has heard your cry and they give you a piece that will not only trim your noses but also ears. Made in the latest technology, it promises you comfort and hassle-free experience as you get rid of unwanted hair.


All About Groom Mate XL Trimmer

PHR systems have been producing nose trimmers since 1991. They have learned the art to perfect each of the pieces that come from them. They have received reviews from end-users and they always take considerations in their next product release.

Those years of experience plus the advance in technology has finally led to the release of the best trimmer you have ever come across. Its quality is way above any other piece and you are missing a lot if you do not have one of your own.

It is designed to give a safe trim that will keep you missing the experience and you will be looking forward to the next time you have to shave.


Desirable Features

There is more in what you see than what you have to hear. In that case, you should get your hands on this piece and attest to yourself that it is such a mercurial invention.

The features are outstanding and they are all meant to ensure that you get the value for your money. Here are the unmatchable features that come with this trimmer:

  • It is a battery-free trimmer. The world is still yet to fully embrace trimmers that do not need battery power to perform. Groom Mate takes you there and you will love what comes your way.
  • With its blades created into a rotary system, the piece will not pull your hair. It will be a smooth encounter that will change your perspective on shaving. It leaves your nostrils and ears refreshed and you can never say that what you spend on it went to the drain.
  • It is made from stainless steel and you do not have to worry about sterilization. It will last and you can always get another piece with your warranty if you do not find favor with your current piece. But there is 100% guarantee that it will not come to that.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty. You can get another piece if yours has spoiled after purchase; you always get a brand new one. If what you buy does not please you then you can return and get a refund.
  • Easy to use and clean. You do not need to learn how to use it. You can learn on the job without any problems. Its maintenance is relatively easy thanks to its steel body that keeps it protected from physical damage.


Working Mechanism

You should place the rotary blade inside your nostrils and twist it in a back-forth motion. Do it gently so as not to harm your nostrils. It gives them a clean cut and you are left refreshed. Its contemporary design makes it easy to use so you won’t have any ugly instances even for the first time you use it.


# 4 Philips Norelco NT9110/60 Trimmer

Philips Norelco NT9110.60 Trimmer

Whenever Philips Norelco lays their hands on a product, you should expect a masterpiece. NT99110/60 is such a piece that gives you another reason to believe in this wonderful brand.

To show you the seriousness in this device, its precision has been patented. The details are in the features and you are making the best decision in a while. It is versatile and you are walking into a revolutionary hair trimming era.


Extraordinary Features

You are not buying a trimmer for the sake of it. You need a piece that will get the work done faster and safely. If this is your preference in your ideal trimmer, you have a perfect match here. The features tell a story of their own:

  • Tube shaving technology: this is a new shaving technology that will not pull your hair even with the least force. It smoothly trims nose, ear hair and eyebrows leaving you with a nice sensation. This has your cut into an easy task that will not take more of your time than it is necessary.
  • Ergonomically designed: it is built to an on/off twist that allows you to position the trimmer in varying positions so as to have the best results.
  • Water-resistant: the material used to make this piece will not be corroded by water. It does not take any beating from constant exposure to water.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty: you should not be worried about buying another trimmer soon if you already purchased this wonder product from the best manufacturers in the world. You will get the replacement or free repair if it happens within 2 years of your purchase. What more assurance would you want to guarantee that this is a top-quality product?


What does it offer different from the rest?

  • For its unmatched quality, you would expect it to cost you a fortune. That is not the case. Philips has it discounted to a pocket-friendly price and this is the best bargain you can ever have for such a masterpiece. If you are familiar with the phrase ‘getting more than your fair share’ then it has just happened to you.
  • Safe and comfortable to use. Your nostrils are delicate and not every other overrated trimmer will be ideal. NT9110/60 is the king of trimming and comfort. With ease of positioning, you can never complain.
  • For maintenance, it only requires washing and it is ready for another task.
  • It is uniquely designed with protective gauze that prevents any physical injury to the nostrils’ soft skin.
  • It does not slip and you have full control for a firm grip. You trim the hair the way you want.
  • It is fitted with a chromium steel blade that is super sharp for cute precision.


# 5 Panasonic ER421KC Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer

Panasonic ER421KC Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer

Another piece from Panasonic that comes with the promise to serve you more, the wet and dry trimmer is definitely a must-purchase piece. Made in state-of-the-art technology, it is painless and the experience is much appealing that you will want more of it every time you perform a trim.

It is made to serve you more since you can use it for the nose, ears and eyebrows. It is one of the few shaving devices that will do more than that as it is made to be like a companion. It is sleek, safe and ergonomically designed.

It cuts out your task to simplicity that you never envisioned in trimmer before only that you are living that reality now.


Unrivaled Features and Quality

There is a tendency of getting overly flattery in the name of winning more customers but this is never the Panasonic way. For the ER421KC trimmer, there is no much talking as the features in this device make the job easy. You do not need a word of mouth to be convinced of the quality you are looking at; you can see it for yourself:

  • It is created for easy use and that is why you do not need any directions. It is thus a simple piece to use even for you if you are using it for the first time.
  • Designed to meet ergonomic stands. It will give you a firm grip to control it and thus have a good angle for nice grooming. You can take the cut as clean as you want and have no chances of harming your nostrils.
  • Stainless steel blades ensure that you have a safer trim with no fear of bacterial infection. It is a possibility that you can bring bacteria to your nostrils with a bad choice of a trimmer but not with this wonder-product from Panasonic.
  • Easy to clean. You just have to immerse it in water and have it rinsed to a sparkle.
  • Rotary blade setup with a safety cone. The safety cone serves to direct hair into the trimmer and at the same time prevents the blade from coming into contact with your skin. The rotary blade system creates circular movements allowing you to have a close shave but without having to pull the hair. It can never get more painless than what you will get here.
  • Curved hypoallergenic design. This is to allow your hair to be trimmed to an appropriate length. This leaves some hair that is crucial to the natural filtering purpose. This is a factor not considered by many other trimmers thus here you have a champion.
  • Water-resistant. This piece is made to last and that is why it will not be intimidated by water. You can use it dry or wet as your preference may dictate. The blades are made of stainless steel and you will not need sterilization to keep the rust away.
  • Uses battery power. You will have your trim even when you go to a remote area that has no power supply. It is built to use ‘AA’ batteries which can last for 90-minute continuous use. Forget about the cords with devices that use electricity and embrace a simple one.


Promise of a Great Experience and Usage

You need to insert the head of the trimmer into your nostrils and move it in a back and forth motion. It will do the job perfectly leaving an appropriate hair length for natural filtration purpose.

You are looking forward to an experience that you have never felt before and it all comes to you at the cheapest you can ever ask for. Forget about immersing a razor into your nose; get a piece that will make things easy for you.


# 6 Philips Norelco NT3155/60 Trimmer

Philips Norelco NT3155.60 Trimmer

You are always guaranteed of solid quality whenever you make a purchase from Philips. Being in the industry for all these years, this brand knows what to and not to include in a nose trimmer.

Build to last and hand your comfort, this is a top piece that should have found a way into your shaving device collection a long time ago.

It is a versatile device that is meant to change your perception of hair trimming from a painful exercise to something that you enjoy and you would wish to have more of it regularly.


The Promise of Great Features

  • Advance Protect tubing technology: your safety is paramount and that is why Philips has made sure that your protection is not a gamble anymore. You have your promise of protection delivered into your hands and you wouldn’t ask for more.
  • Textured grip: to give you full control, the trimmer has a firm grip that will give you freedom for stroking. You choose how to move and how close the cut gets. You will have your hair trimmed to the size you want since you are the one in control of the grooming.
  • Water-resistance: this makes it an easy-to-clean piece. You just immerse it in water and you have it cleaned to the core ready for the next cut.
  • Designed to penetrate tight space: the designer knows where this product was going thus its curvy shape will give you an upper hand in trying to penetrate the tiny spaces in your nostrils or ears. The trimming edge can compact to a smaller size but leaving the blades exposed for a cleaner cut.
  • Guaranteed quality: there is everything you would want in a trimmer. That is why this piece comes with a 2-year warranty. If you get any defect within this period, you can return it for a replacement.


How to Use it Effectively

The on/off button makes things easy on your side. You just have to press it and then you embark on a nice and smooth trimming. It is built to fit in small areas as it will compact to fit into the tightest angles you may assume.

You have to ensure that you move in back and forth for safe trimming. This ensures that there is no pulling and yanking.


# 7 Philips Norelco Multigroom 3100 Trimmer

Philips Norelco Multigroom 3100 Trimmer

For all-in-one nose hair trimmer, Philips once more makes the day for you. Their Multigroom trimmer is not just a basic piece but has the set that you need for your entire facial grooming.

The details do not lie and you have a long-lasting piece that you will be longing to use it every other time you want the experience of a smooth trim. Its versatility has earned it a top rating by many men and you are not making a choice in vain if you buy it today.


Features Meant to Impress

Designed to be a best-seller, this trimmer does not disappoint its designer. The features make it stand tall among other brands and it is no wonder that it makes it to the top 10 list. If you want to test its greatness, here are the features that narrate the entire tale:

  • Water resistance: for easy cleaning, this trimmer is 100% secure from the effects of water. It will give you the best service and only demand the least of maintenance.
  • Designed for multiple uses: you can do as many as 5 tasks with this single device. You can trim your nose and ear hair, beard, mustache and comb your eyebrows. You thus need a single trimmer for all your facial hairstyling; and isn’t that what you have always wanted?
  • A variety of length settings: for each kind of trimming, you have 18 lengths to choose from. You set the trimmer to your appropriate length and you will have that precision to the letter.
  • Self-sharpening rounded blade: there is no gamble with your safety. The blades will not need your attention to keep them sharp and their round curves will prevent any chances of irritation.


Desirable Qualities

  • High performance: you will like the best experience that you will have for your cut. It is designed to perform more than one tasks and it will not let you down when you need it to be at its ‘A’ game.
  • Ease of use: nobody loves to struggle with their trim every morning. You want an easy-to-do job. The multi-groom trimmer has been created with this in mind.
  • Long-lasting service: it is never a nice feeling when you have to spend on the same thing time and again. Here you have a chance for a trimmer that will last you for many years. You can only change it if you think that you need something new.


Why it is Worth Buying

Your safety should never be taken for granted. Here is a trimmer that gives the best service and in all that it guards you against physical harm with the utmost tenacity. A great styling device, this multi-groom trimmer will hand you the wish to style your facial hair as you want.

It is such a versatile device that you do not have to buy any other shaving tool. You would not throw your money in something that will not only fail you but will also harm you physically.

Here is the real bargain that men have not had for a long time. Join the throng of happy men and it all costs a few bucks to have just what you want in your facial hair.


# 8 Wahl Lithium 5640-1001 Trimmer

Wahl Lithium 5640-1001 Trimmer

Are you the kind of guy who takes his grooming seriously? Then you need a serious nose hair trimmer to match up to your keen intent on styling. No one offers you that preference better than the Wahl Lithium device, which has already earned a favorite spot among trendy men.

It is made to meet the modern man standards and in that it does not fail. Until you have one for yourself, you can never know how great a piece this is.


Unbeaten Features

  • Made in an anodized aluminum body: this provides the nose hair trimmer with protection from physical pressure. You can travel with it and have it intact once you reach your destination. For a cluttered drawer, you have your trimmer secure.
  • High precision blades: a good quality trimmer begins by having quality blades that will make work easy for you. That is what you get in this Wahl piece. It gives you a precise cut and you will have that appearance of a superstar.
  • Comes with an ‘AAA’ lithium battery: this will give you a long service and once its potent wanes, you can have a replacement.
  • Wet and dry combination: whether you prefer a wet or dry cut, you can have it all in this one piece. The blades are water-resistant and a simple rinse will be just enough to keep it maintained to serve you longer.
  • 2-trimming heads: it is meant to give you flexibility and control for your styling. The 2 heads give you your way for easy styling and you will love it with every stroke you make.


Why Men Love this Piece

It is never any easy thing to convince people to buy a product. It has to have a quality that does the talking. This Wahl trimmer may have just found a way to convince men by giving them what they desire in their shaving devices. But how has it achieved such a feat?

  • Small size: it is made to a pocket-size and guys can carry it around whenever they travel. You will never miss your facial cut simply because you are away from home.
  • Detachability: when cleaning or packing for a journey, the trimmer can be detached and make it easier to handle. The rotary, head and body can be separated when you want and have them joined only when you need to use it.
  • Keeps your hygiene on the watch: your nostrils are sensitive and any chance of infection is not good news. You have your hygiene worries covered if this is your choice of a trimmer.
  • Versatility: for a while now, you have never had a trimmer that can do as many as 5 facial styling tasks. Now you have a device that will do that to perfection. This is a top bargain that you should never have a hard time making a decision.


# 9 Wahl 3-Pack 5545-400 Nose Hair Trimmer

Wahl 3-Pack 5545-400 Nose Hair Trimmer

Making yet another appearance in the top 10 list, this Wahl piece is all that men have been looking forward to. It is made with the touch of modernity and will blend like a natural fit into your lifestyle.

If there is ever a futuristic product in the shaving niche then this is the trimmer that leads the pack from the front. Its versatility is another thing you will not miss out.

It will not only trim your nose hair but will also do good grooming on your eyebrows and ears. You can never ask for something better for such an incredible price.


Trimmer Features

When they say the devil is in the details, they are never far from telling the truth. Far from the devil connotation, the brilliance of this piece lies in its features.

It was designed to conquer the world of shaving and truly it has lived to that dream. Here is the list of features that make this a must-purchase piece and you will never regret that you made the decision:

  • Water resistant: this is a characteristic that guys would want in their shaving devices. Yes, many other trimmers have this feature but some of them do not mean what they preach. The blades at the head are stainless and that is the real depth of how waterproof this trimmer goes. This makes it easy to clean and you will not need any kind of special maintenance.
  • Comes with a free eyebrow comb: it does not only focus on your nose hair, rather it also takes care of your eyebrows. You have a detailed guide on how to use it and all your facial hair is taken care of by just a single device.
  • Pro-hygiene steel blades: whoever coined the phrase that ‘you can tell a good trimmer from its blades’ must have had long experience with the best pieces, isn’t it? This is true of what Wahl has done to the blades here. They are easy to clean and with rounded curves to prevent any harm coming to your skin.
  • Light weighted and compact piece: it is an awkward situation if you have to expend some force in trying to keep your trimmer in position. Your need is a light piece for easy grooming and precision. Wahl’s 3-pack trimmer is feather-light and gives a firm grip to keep everything under control.
  • Battery operated: depending on electricity for your trimmer to work is such a drawback since it means you may miss a cut simply because you are in a place without power supply. That is an eventuality that this trimmer saw and instead went for the battery option. You will have your shaving in the middle of a forest and keep your facial hair on the check.

You can never let all this greatness by-pass you. Lots of other men have tried this trimmer and they are stuck with it for the future. Easy to use and stylish is what you get in this product.


# 10 Creation Springs Precision Trimmer

Creation Springs Precision Trimmer

Those who have tried this trimmer call it the ‘Ferrari of trimmers’ and you will agree more once you have the chance to test it. It has the best quality blades and it turns out that this is the foremost attribute that men want in their shavers.

All modernity is shown in the design and it is a worthy piece to have in your shaving ensemble. Its rotary system and the ability to fight adverse effects of water make it one of the most outstanding brands in the market and do not be amazed if you become loyal to it services.


Details in its Features

There is only one way to tell whether a product is worth your try or it is just another failure that is trying to make an impression. That way is in the features and you will tell if you want it for your trimming needs. This manufacturer has always been keen to put impressive features in its shaving line of products and here is another genius piece:

  • Aluminum body: this brushed body leaves the piece lustrous and you do not have to worry about rust invasion. Its inner parts are protected with a solid wall and you do not have to be worried about its lifespan because it will serve you for long.
  • Created with in-built LED light: to show you what strand you are cutting, this trimmer comes with an LED light feature. It gives you a clear view of the hidden hair strand. You will have a clean-cut even in the middle of the night.
  • Optimized for traveling: you will need to travel and take your trimmer along to give your facial hair a deserving trim once in a while. This is the best-traveling trimmer that comes with a cleaning brush and a protective travel cap. It is your best shaving partner that will be with you wherever you go.
  • The best motor technology: you may have had experience with trimmers making displeasing noise whenever you use them. The problem is with their motor devices. Creation Spring trimmer is made with the best motor technology. It is the most powerful and quietest piece you can find in the market.
  • Stainless steel at the crucial parts: your safety is never taken for granted with this device. The blades are made from the best stainless steel for easy sharpening and resistance to water. It is also fitted with a stainless steel guard that protects your inner nose and ear skin from physical harm.


You now don’t have a reason to have your nose hair strands turning away that elegant lady you are planning on a date. Make a choice of one of the top 10 nose hair trimmers and you will have a life-changing experience.

Facial looks tell your story of trendiness so make a stout statement by having your undesired hair trimmed and put to its place. If you have had a bad experience with the past products, nothing on this list will disappoint you. Make a pick and you can only expect a good grooming future.