70 Classic Professional Hairstyles for Men – Do Your Best

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# 6 Angular Attention Grabbing Style

What works here is the way that the beard and hair both have been styled with straight lines meaning they complement each other perfectly. While the dark brown hair has been left longer on top there is a high undercut along the side. The look is completed with an interesting off-center parting.

# 7 Smart Hair in Midnight Black

His short hair has been given a precise side parting while the rest has been smoothed back neatly. This is the perfect look for a man working in a corporate company.

# 8 Short and Tousled Hairstyle

This style is laid back while still being presentable enough for work. The sides are short with longer hair on top and the finely ironed hair between the two that adds texture.

# 9 Ultra Slick with Precise Parting

This undercut has been graded up to a super straight side parting while the hair on the other side is neatly combed straight.

# 10 Salt and Pepper

Here the salt and pepper hair has been given a fresh look by blow drying into tousled waves and adding lift on the fringe. A perfect look for the older business man.

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