70 Classic Professional Hairstyles for Men – Do Your Best

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# 16 Smoothed Back Tuxedo Ready Hair

Smoothed Back Tuxedo Ready Hair


Tom Hardy combed back style is low maintenance and great for evening engagements. The deep russet colored hair has been swept back and lies flat against the scalp.

# 17 Structured Look with Nutmeg Waves

Eddie Redmayne may look relaxed but his structured style is full of elegance. The hair is slightly shorter along the sides and the top hair has been blown out with a wavy texture to add volume. If you look closely you can also see golden beige micro highlights catching the light.

# 18 Banker Chic

The brown-black hair has been razor cut very short on the sides, but instead of a parting the hair has been gently graded into the longer hair on top.

# 19 Brown Palette with Lifted Fringe

In this picture, we see clipped sides that have been combed down neatly while the top hair is voluminous with a tight upturned fringe.

# 20 Bronze Highlights Over Textured Hair

Sun-kissed golden highlights have been used to add shine to this neatly coifed style, with waves to add interest.

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