80 Refined Quiff Hairstyles – The Spirit of Rebellion

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# 6 Short Spiky Quiff

Short Spiky Quiff


Some quiffs like this one can have both a casual and formal feel, and this is what makes them a unique hairdo. Although it is shorter than most others it has some nice spikes and a sharp fade on the sides to create a clean cut that you can achieve without any hassle.

# 7 Feathered Blue Hair

You can also use some color to add some style to your haircut, and this feathered quiff uses a magical blue shade. The color has some highlights to make it look appealing but the cut it also fabulous and it involves leaving an extra-long quiff and a faded undercut on the sides.

# 8 Easy and Upswept

This style looks very effortless, and any man can achieve it. All that you need is to leave a few inches of hair at the front and up sweep it. You should then finish by tapering the sides to the same level as your facial hairs.

# 9 Blonde Victory Roll

A little inventiveness will help give you a stylish quiff like this one. All you need is to up sweep and roll the front of your hair into a victory roll and finish the look with a fade or just by making the sides and back short.

# 10 Sleek and Tapered

Although this style has a lovely cut, its sleek look comes from using a generous amount of gel or pomade in the styling. The sides are also tapered to give the style a neat appearance and its lovely dark tone and shine also add some class to the look.

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