80 Refined Quiff Hairstyles – The Spirit of Rebellion

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# 11 Sharp Fade Classic Quiff

The impressive quiff in this haircut is very refined, but it is also easy to create. It is a classic style with a pompadour like design, but the sharp fade on the side is what makes it look distinct.

# 12 Fancy Messy Cut

The precision of the hard side part line is impressive, and it helps to separate the faded area from the design at the top. However, the messy quiff is also very fancy, and it has some nicely textured short bangs and an attractive color that makes them look elegant.

# 13 Upswept Classic Quiff

What makes the classic quiff special is that it keeps some hair on the sides and back to create a nice balance. However, this one takes things a notch higher by making the longer strands on the crown slightly upswept and rolled.

# 14 Neat and Refined

A neat haircut like this one is perfect for a formal wear as it makes a man look very refined and classy. The top section is longer than the back, but the size reduces gradually to create a taper like design while the sides have a high fade.

# 15 Extra Long with Buzz

The buzz cut on the sides of this hairdo is incredible, and it helps to enhance the stunning quiff that is small but extra-long in length. It extends the face, and so it will be perfect for men with smaller faces.

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