65 Fabulous Rockabilly Hair For Men – Epochal Tradition

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# 6 Classic Rockabilly

In this classic style, the hair was shaved short on the side and a well-defined parting was added. The hair at the top has been styled into a high curled wave that tapers to the back.

# 7 Sleek Upstyling

Jagged lines shaved on the sideburns add to the rockabilly feel of this look. A high undercut has been applied while the longer hair has been styled up.

# 8 Lift Revival

Flat hairstyles are out – bring on the pompadour! This style has great volume while still looking soft and touchable. The light fawn brown and discreet highlights help this hairstyle pop.

# 9 Jelly Jive

The look you see here is called a jelly roll – the top hair has been divided down the center and then curled into two long rolls that sweep down to meet each other. In this look, the sides are usually razor trimmed.

# 10 Retro Sweep Style

Over the ears, the hair has been shaved completely and then gradually graded in a high undercut. The hair in the front of the style is swept straight up and tapers off toward the crown. Extra interest has been added by the addition of a sharp square detail above the temple.

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