35 Cool Sergio Ramos Haircuts – Inspirational Ideas

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# 6 Layered Medium Length Hair Style


This Sergio Ramos haircut involves cutting the hair uniformly. It should be cut to a length of around three to four inches and then layered across the head. The black natural look of the mane should be maintained and the hair should be swept backwards and sideways. If you are interested to do this styles, follow the following steps. You should first ensure that your hair is dry. Then comb your hair forward and form a ponytail at the top using your fingers. Then cut the hair at the point the hair below is about three inch long. This should be followed by combing the hair into several sections. The front section should be trimmed further and then the other sections swept sideways. By doing so you will have created a layered hair style.

# 7 Long and Layered

This style is only applicable to the shoulder length hair. The style is done by cutting short the hair at the front and an extreme side-partying is done with a fine comb. The hair is then layered so as to achieve a good look and the majority of it swept backwards. The procedure of doing this type of cut is very similar to the medium layered but the difference is the size of the hair left. After creating the ponytail on top of the head, the ponytail should then be bent downwards and the hair below the shoulder is cut. The layering is then done. Sergio Ramos worn this hairstyle for a long period when he still had his long hair. It is one of the common styles for shoulder length hair.

# 8 Businessman Cut

The businessman haircut is one of the official styles that Sergio Ramos has done. It requires the mane to follow the shape of the head. The top of the head should have the most hair which should be swept sideways and buzzed at the nape and side burns. There should also be a flick on the front which is brushed to give a sharp and a neat look. The style can be done in another way whereby you do not need to part the front hair. Instead, the front hair is slicked backward which still looks neat and official. It is a cool hairstyle that one should consider trying especially on special events when you put on a suit.

# 9 Platinum Blonde and The Quiff

Sergio Ramos has black hair but this did not prevent him from having a platinum blonde look on his hair. To makes this style, one needs to have a lot of hair at the crown to make a big quiff. One should start by washing his hair with a shampoo and then apply some gel or hair spray. The hair should then be blow dried while moving the fingers up and backwards. The best procedure to follow to make a quiff involves the following. You should section the hair from the forehead back to the crown. This section should also be roughly dried since wet hair cannot make a good quiff. The section should then be swept backwards. The sweeping should be done from the crown towards the forehead to achieve a smooth finish at the front. Having done so, you will have a good quiff that can be combined with the platinum blonde look to achieve this style.

# 10 Wind Swept Pompadour

This style is just like the normal pompadour, however, the edges of some of the hair are left loose such that they can be blown by the wind. The edges are made using the fine-toothed comb. The first step should be washing the hair and then drying it with a towel until it is slightly dump. Some gel should be applied to the hair and a pompadour should be made on the front side of the head. The wind swept look is done by drying the hair further and then the pompadour is combed upwards. The pompadour is similar to that of the varied pompadour style discussed above.

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