80 Disarming Sexy Beard Styles – Your Spark Of Inspiration

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# 6 Oh So Manly

# 7 Dashing Style

This gentleman looks so stylish and trendy with his suit and sunglasses and his look is completed perfectly by his sexy beard. The beard follows his jaw line from chin to sideburns in a narrow line and he has a short moustache and soul patch. The hair is longest on the chin while the moustache is trimmed to sit above the lip.

# 8 Beard Allure

# 9 Silver Fox

This gentleman’s beard is completely silver; a dashing and mature look. It’s a full beard that has been clipped to a shadow while the moustache, which just curls off the tip of the lips, is slightly longer. The soul patch underneath adds a trendy edge to his refined style.

# 10 Cute Goatee Style Beard and Moustache

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