50 Great And Neat Shape Up Haircuts – It’s All About Angles

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# 6 Sharp Fade with Pomp

Sharp Fade with Pomp


This is an excellent option for men who want something unique and elegant in a shape up style. The temple is given a sharp fade. The haircut sports a razor part that borders a sleek pomp that adorns the top.

# 7 Different

You don’t have to achieve a streamlined look in a shape up hairstyle. You can incorporate different styles in different sections to achieve a trendy master haircut. A high fade on the sides transitions into a bald fade at the temple. A pomp style sits on the top to make a bold statement.

# 8 Bold Street Trim

This is a haircut for the bold. It sports a skin fade on the sides and back. The top and crown are left longer and given some texture to create a more classic appeal. The hair is cropped at the mid-section of the forehead to give you a cool look.

# 9 Blow Dried

This is a very cool style that brings the elegance and sleek look of blow dried hair into play. The sides and back are faded to completely isolate the beard.

# 10 Front Flip

Adding the sleek top to this haircut seems a good idea. However, more elegance and drama is created by flipping up the front hair to blend well with the faded sides. A tapered cut sits perfectly on the nape making this style even hotter.

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