75 Lovely Short Beard Styles – Chose the New Style

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# 6 Classic Medium Stubble

# 7 Untamed Elegance

Some men are lucky to have facial hairs that grow in an amazing natural pattern and so they do not need to do much to create a fabulous style. This style is a perfect example of this, and the short beard only requires moderate trimming just to line it up to create a very stylish look.

# 8 Growing out Full Beard

# 9 Sleek and Smooth Medium Stubble

Although the growth pattern of your facial strands matters a lot, how you trim and style them is what determines how fashionable you look. And if you are the type that likes to keep things simple but sleek then you should try this zero maintenance short stubble and also chop the mustache to be on the same level.

# 10 A Few Day Old Stubble

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