65 Fresh Men’s Short Haircuts for Round Faces – Belong to Yourself

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# 6 Smooth Comb Over

Smooth Comb Over


A comb over works for any face shape, but it seems to give a round face a unique appearance. In this design, the strands on the crown are not only smooth but they also look very soft, and all you need to do is sweep them to one side to create a perfect comb-over look.

# 7 Neat and Tidy Fade Cut

The taper fade on the sides of this haircut is amazing, and it makes it look very fashionable. And with such perfection you only need some wavy stands on the crown to create a perfect cut for your round face.

# 8 Short and Thin Tapered Spikes

Spikes will give your strands an extra dimension, and you do not always have to make them long because short ones like these are still beautiful enough. And if you pair them with a smooth taper on the sides you will look exquisite.

# 9 Heavy Textured Crown with Zero Taper

Here is another haircut that shows the unmatched beauty that texture adds to your style. The strands on the crown have a dense texture and a front sweep that makes them look fantastic. And it you combine this with a zero taper on the sides then you can be sure of a refined look.

# 10 Fresh and Neat Buzz Cut

Contrary to what most people think, a buzz cut will also work for a round face. However, if you want to look this good you have to make it extra short and also give it a nice skin fade on the sides.

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