65 Fresh Men’s Short Haircuts for Round Faces – Belong to Yourself

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# 11 Slicked back and Layered Crown Locks

The feather light bangs on this design not only have a lovely texture, but they also have some beautiful waves and attractive styling that entails brushing them back in layers to create a perfect short hairdo for a round face.

# 12 Cool and Clean Guy Look

If you prefer to wear a fresh and neat gentleman cut, then you should try this one. You only have to chop the strands on the crown to less than an inch and then give the sides a clean fade.

# 13 Wavy Up and Side Sweep

Although this haircut has a lovely taper fade on the side, the first thing that most people will notice is the up and side sweep of the wavy strands on the crown because they give the round face an extra height.

# 14 Messy and Textured Line Up

The smooth taper on the sides and the perfect line up are the highlights of this cut. However, the messy crown bangs also help to spice up the overall appearance.

# 15 Classic Taper Pompadour

There are limitless variations of the pompadour, and this one is a fancy one that entails decreasing the sides and giving the strands on the crown a simple side sweep to create a charming look. 

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