75 Dashing Short On Sides Long On Top Haircuts – Be Creative

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# 6 Classical Tips

If you are looking for a cut to go with your thick chin beard, classic top is more than your fair bargain. It is drawn backwards and it leaves the perfect face and thick beard to be admired. You can never be worried of your looks if you have such a design. It is for all occasions so you do not have to change it every now and then.

# 7 Smooth Fall Back

As said earlier, simplicity is a thing you would want for you haircut now that you are bored with the style you have had for years. The smooth top is combed backwards resulting in a sleek patch that will be an eye-turner and black hair would be the best color but you have the liberty to choose your preference. It is not such a difficult style to pull and once you have it you can never have any regrets from your choice.

# 8 Crazy Curls

Hold on guys. You say that the crazier it gets the better for you? Here is a style that is trendy for whatever event you have lined up. The high tips is in two layers; a smooth one and the curly one that is what rocks in this design. It is refined to with a slight touch on the tips to give it a wild stand out. It is a belief among many guys that if you are in your fine element then that is your character and you should live it to the fullest.

# 9 Flocky Tips

It is what you would call a simple guy haircut but that may not suffice for a style that big names would want to have. The head patch is combed towards the back head drop and then given a slight tilt to one side and that is where the ‘flocky’ effect comes from. For your casual or formal routines you have your looks taken care of. What more would you want than the looks and admiration for the gals? It is time to get a fair share of ladies glances and here is your chance on a silver platter.

# 10 Textured & Faded Blend

Any style with a tangible texture would be great for the bold guy and you are just that man. Among the short and long sides you would say that this is a top catch for the latest trends that many guys would like to have. It has attracted the attention of celebrities and you would be in recognizable company with such a do. All these promises for great appearance all come to you in a simple way and you do not have to break sweat to have it.

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