80 Awesome Soccer Player Haircuts – Inspirational Role Models

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# 6 Georgios Samaras – Greece, West Bromwich Albion

Samaras wears a long straight hair that is unevenly trimmed and combed straight back from his forehead. He combines this hairstyle with short sideburns that are cut straight across. There is pretty nothing outstanding about his hairstyle, but it is also not the worst of them all. His look can be described as plain or average.

# 7 Robin Van Persie – Netherlands, Fenerbahce

Van Persie likes to wear a neat look. His hair is usually shorter on the sides and longer on the top. It is longer than a crew cut but shorter than the faux hawk. Some gel or wax is then applied to this hairstyle to hold it in place. This style can look cute on anyone provided their barber knows how to give a longer crew cut or a shorter faux hawk.

# 8 Arturo Vidal – Chile, Bayern Munich

Arturo Vidal is popularly known for his extreme and somewhat fierce Mohawk. The Mohawk is a very common hairstyle, but Vidal’s seem to breathe in some new life into this old style. In fact, his version of the Mohawk is one of the most copied soccer haircuts as many fans try to get that Vidal look. The Vidal haircut is simple to copy, and your local barber should have no trouble giving you this cut if you want it.

# 9 Andres Guardado – Mexico, PSV Eindhoven

Andres has a curly hairstyle that he has used to create a perfect image for himself in the football world. Curly hairs may be tricky to work with, but Andres seems to have little trouble pulling a look with his hair. However, people are divided on his curly hair because whereas some say it is natural others think that it is an old fashion perm. His curls have managed to give him a good image, but a closer look at them and you will see that they are a total mess particularly in the top part.

# 10 Antonio Nocerino – Italy, AC Milan

Nocerino has an amazing haircut that works perfectly fine for his face shape and hair type. He has a short spiky hair at the top with the sides slightly faded. The haircut is complemented by full facial hair that has been kept brief but flows perfectly with the shape of his face. This style is quite complicated but with a regular trip to the barber it can still be maintained.

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