80 Awesome Soccer Player Haircuts – Inspirational Role Models

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# 11 Steven Gerrard – England, LA Galaxy

Steven Gerrard is arguably one of the greatest players to have ever graced the sport, and he is a fascinating player in many other ways. For the more than 17 years he was at Liverpool, Gerrard never changed his hairstyle even once, but he still looked good in the cut that he wore for all those years. Gerrard’s cut is a traditional and simple scissor cut with short back and sides that work well with all types of hair.

# 12 Kyle Beckerman – USA, Real Salt Lake

What is most interesting about this Major League Soccer Star’s hair is that it’s mostly his natural hair, and he does a little styling. However, he still manages to draw a lot of attention, and his natural dreads have on many occasions been thought as one of the best haircuts in world soccer. His locks suit both his facial features and his personality and hence creating a perfect image for this soccer star.

# 13 Jack Wilshere – England, Arsenal

Despite being plagued by injuries for many years, this has not affected the haircut taste for this English soccer star. His hair look is a slightly longer textured top and has a gradual taper on the sides and back of his head. For those who would want to copy him Jack’s style works well for thick, wavy or curly hair but it is not ideal for straight hair.

# 14 Theo Walcott – England, Arsenal

Walcott’s short black hairstyles have become his trademark, and he has popularized these styles so much because they have been copied by people from different parts of the world. In his haircuts, there is a clean line where the forehead meets the hairline, and the hair is blended in behind the ear and neck and his sideburns.

# 15 Olivier Giroud – France, Arsenal

A while back Giroud lamented to the press that they were more interested in talking about his hairstyle than his goal scoring prowess. The press is always attracted by interesting things that people would want to see and so there must be something special about his hair. Giroud’s hair is pretty much similar to the cut that his teammate Wilshere wears. The only notable difference is that Giroud’s cut has a softer disconnection between the sides and back, and more length is left on the top.

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