60 Sizzling Tape-up Haircut Ideas – Get Your Fade On

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# 6 Parted Top with Temple Fade

The classic parted look combines well with a little tapering of the sides. In this scenario, the distinction between the thick hair on the crown and the shorter sides is made clearer using a slight fade at the temples that curve behind the ear.

# 7 Wavy Top with Medium Taper

Another favorite of the Caucasian male, the hair on the crown remains wavy as a moderate fade tapers the hair down the sides. At the sideburns, the hair tapers back up into a full beard, making the look exude a rugged appeal.

# 8 Long Top Combover with Temple Fade

This haircut can easily pass off as formal as it is very presentable. With only some light tapering at the temples, the long top that has been combed over becomes well highlighted. If you are jittery about taking too much off the sides, this is the perfect haircut for you.

# 9 Curly Top with Low Bald Fade

The perfect contrast between the thick, curly hair on the crown and the entirely bald area towards the hairline is the main appeal of this trendy cut. The fade begins about two inches from the ear and rapidly tapers the hair right into the skin above the ear.

# 10 Vintage Curly Top with Bald Fade

This look incorporates a vintage top with a curl hanging over the brow. The fade starts out right at the edge of the crown and tapers into a clean bald fade right above the ears where there is a stylish disconnect between the hair and the sideburns. The groomed facial hair caps off the look superbly.

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