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#6 Comb Over Fade

In this style, the top hairs are grown to an increased length and the bottom hairs regularly trimmed so that they can always below the level of the top hairs. The top hair is then either combed in a slicked-back manner or a part side style. Although most people prefer to grow their hair in this style from scratch, a skilled barber can still give you a comb over fade from your fully grown hair. This hairstyle is most suitable for people with baldness issues as they can use it to hide the prominence of their baldness.

#7 Bald Fade

taper fade haircuts

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This fade is for those who are almost bald or are already bald as it can bring back their confidence by giving them a stylish look. This fade can be compared to the military buzz cut as they are very similar in appearance. In fact, an untrained eye cannot tell the two apart. However, the bald fade is better than the military buzz cut as it fades from nothing in the sides to the top of your head where the fade is the largest. The appearance of this fade helps to make baldness less visible.

#8 High and Tight

This type of fade is more often seen in military men, and it is often referred to as bald fade, but it is important to know that the two fades are quite different. To get the high and tight fade you have to shave most of the hairs on the sides of your head and the back. Apart from this, you have to leave some buzzed hairs on top to give it a high and tight look.

#9 Caesar Fade

taper fade haircuts

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taper fade haircut

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The Caesar fade is one of the best if not the best hair fade for African Americans due to their dark hair color and skin complexion. Caesar fade is brought about by short haircuts on-sides and longer haircuts on top. In this style, the hairs on top are not only cut in larger lengths but are also swept to the front side rather than the side like in other fades. However, bangs or short borders can still be combed to the side.

#10 Curly Taper Fade

Just as the name suggests, this fade is more suitable for men with curly hair. This haircut works perfectly well with different styles from pop to modern groovy. This fade makes the curls in the hair more prominent. In most cases, the size of the hair is uniform from the back, to the sides and top but some people prefer to have a longer curly hair at the top of their head.

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