40 Steaming Tom Hardy Haircuts – Looks For Every Guy To Try

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# 6 Service Locks For Hardy

In this military inspired hairstyle, we see that the sides and back of the head have been shaved into a high undercut, leaving the hair at stubble length. The top locks have been roughly finger combed.

# 7 Straight Up Romance

Here Tom smolders in dark romantic, longer locks. His hair has been styled to have volume over the top and ironed straight for easy management. Bed head hairstyles like this are always in fashion and Tom knows just how to wear them.

# 8 Ever The Gentleman

Tom Hardy’s versatility is one of his best features – he looks equally at home in rough masculine styles as well as elegant gentleman looks like this one. In this hairstyle his hair is separated with an off-center parting and the locks have been combed neatly to the side.

# 9 Hipster Hair

Is there a trend Tom can’t pull off? We haven’t found one yet! Here his hair reflects a hipster fashion – a dapper look mixed with a little spiky edging. His locks have been brushed back to look slick without seeming flat.

# 10 Dress Code: Smart Casual

In this look, his hair is slightly longer on the front while the sides are razor clipped short. A little bit of product helps gives the style lift up and look smart. 

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