55 Newest Men’s Top Knot Hairstyles – Be Out of the Ordinary

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# 6 Sable Brown Man Bun

The deep brown-black hair seen here has been grown longer on top while the sides are clipped short but not razor cut. The hair has been twisted into a high topknot and the overall look is natural and laid back.

# 7 Sorrel Top Knot with French Braid

This picture shows long light brown hair that has an off center parting. Two separate french braids of different size have been used to secure the hair and then wrapped into a bun.

# 8 Silvery Blonde Hair with Small Knot

The white-blonde mid-length colored hair seen here has been combed back along the sides, then gathered around the top and twisted into a small knot. It creates a great contrast with a dark mustache.

# 9 Deep Brown, Curly Hair with Bun

This man has shiny thick hair that has been grown to shoulder length. The top and sides have been combed back and secured in a bun while the hair at the back of the head has been allowed to hang free.

# 10 Ginger Hair with High Top Knot

The soft looking strawberry blonde hair seen here has been combed back and a small top knot has been created by gathering the hair from just the top of the head. Thi sides are of medium length.

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