80 Amazing Undercut Hairstyles for Men – Unique & Special

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# 6 Faded Undercut For Long Hair

Men with long thick hair can try out this interesting undercut hairstyle. This style uses faded sides and nape undercuts to separate a longer beard and the long hairs on the top part of the head. How you style your long hair will determine how you look, and so you should be keen with this. This style can also work well with naturally curly hair.

# 7 Wavy Top and Fade

Men who are very careful about what they wear are also choosy with hairstyles, but the wavy top and fade is an ideal style for them. Beside from giving them a decent and formal look, this style is also quite detailed and trendy. With this style, you can get a simple undercut then style your hair backwards in wavy strands.

# 8 The Side Undercut With Fade

This style brings together an undercut and the popular fade. It is upgraded with a facial hairstyle and a shaved part. To maintain this style you should make sure that you do not shave the top hair too short and you should comb the hair to the sides and some to the back so as to reveal the defined part line.

# 9 The Double Layer Undercut

Double layer undercut is an attractive style that features a short trimmed part that is below the main longer hair section. Below the short trimmed section, there is another shaved hairline that helps to create a double layer effect. This style will look particularly well if you pair it with a neat long beard.

# 10 All-Round Long Undercut

This is one of the best undercut hairstyles for young men as it goes well with the boyish look. For this style, you should get an undercut but do not make it very short and have the longer sections of your hair swept to one side or gather them into a man bun. It looks better on voluminous hair, and so it might be necessary to use some product for volume. A styling product can also come in handy if you feel the need to hold the long hair in place.

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