50 Handsome V-Cut Hair Fashions – The New Shape of Style

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# 6 Side Story

Instead of the skin fade wrapping around the bottom of the head as is popular, this singular style sees grading of length just on the sides while the dip of hair at the back matches the length of the top locks.

# 7 Sharp Pattern Detail

Ready for something really different? How about this hair art? In this picture a sharp V has been shaved at the neck and alongside patterns have been fashioned using razor cuts.

# 8 Hot Tops

From front to back this hair is an equal length and has been coloured a light amber orange. From the sides, the hair shortens until it becomes a clean shaven layer alongside the ears.

# 9 Straight Edges

In this interesting style the hair does not end in a V shape, but rather it has been squared off at the bottom of the neck. Under this straight line, a few small lines and a triangle have been carefully shaved in.

# 10 Soft Styling

This style shows a carefully tapered off cut that allows for a triangular shape of long hair on top which shortens out towards the sides. There are no severe lines and the hair has been slicked neatly back. 

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