85 Incredible Wavy And Curly Hairstyles – Find Your Own Style

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# 6 Long Waves

There is pretty nothing much done with the hair in this style because the long natural waves are sufficient to make a man look great. However, the front can be styled with a very slight side part and close shave your face to ensure that all attention remains on the hair.

# 7 Medium Blond Wavy Perfection

Natural mane makes the best hairstyles especially if you know what to do with it. In this look, the styling of the hair at the front part of the head makes all the difference. This style involves creating a slight side sweep so that you can have two sections of hair with one flowing to the left and the other to the right.

# 8 Slick-Back

Men with medium long, almost shoulder length, and wavy strands can wear this style with ease. It involves slicking back the hair but in a way that will make the front locks look like they are flowing diagonally.

# 9 Wavy and Messy

Messy hair not only looks good when worn correctly, but it can also be used to make a fashion statement. This style makes a long wavy locks messy to give a man a look that will get him smiling every time he looks in the mirror. And with some nice front part, this is a style you would want to wear every day.

# 10 The Long Curls

If your hair is naturally curly, you can wear an amazing hairstyle without having to cut even an inch of your locks. Just let you mane grow naturally and use some quality products on it to make it hold and be shinier. You can even wear a cap over the long hair for a brilliant finish.

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